Lowongan Kerja Hotel Park Hyatt Jakarta
Lowongan Kerja Hotel Park Hyatt Jakarta

Lowongan Kerja Hotel Park Hyatt Jakarta

Netijon – Lowongan Kerja Hotel Park Hyatt Jakarta

Lowongan Kerja Hotel Park Hyatt Jakarta

Park Hyatt Jakarta

Rasakan pengalaman menginap di hotel mewah terbaik di Park Hyatt Jakarta. 220 kamar besar termasuk 36 suite di fasilitas bebas rokok. Kamar-kamar yang canggih, luas dan kontemporer dirancang dengan sentuhan dan material Indonesia dan menghadap ke Jakarta dari lantai 25. Bersantailah di bak mandi marmer dengan produk kustom Le Labo®, atau nikmati TV layar datar layar lebar dan hub media terintegrasi. Tingkatkan masa inap Anda di salah satu suite yang elegan. Banyak suite memiliki ruang tambahan seperti ruang makan dan area duduk.

Alamat Hotel Park Hyatt Jakarta

Jalan Kebon Sirih 17-19
Jakarta, Indonesia, 1034

No Telepon dan Email

Tel: +62 21 3111 1234


Lowongan Kerja Assistan Director of Food & Beverage Manager

Saat ini Hotel Park Hyatt Jakarta sedang membuka lowongan kerja untuk menempati posisi sebagai Assistan Director of Food & Beverage Manager , berikut adalah kualifikasinya.

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Full Job Description

Berikut adalah beberapa Job Description untuk lowongan kerja untuk menempati posisi sebagai Assistan Director of Food & Beverage Manager.

Core work activities

Develop and implement food and beverage strategies and objectives
Work with your direct subordinates to develop and implement promotions, food and wine combinations, menu items and presentations.
We will formulate a restaurant business strategy that is in line with the brand’s business strategy and lead its implementation.
Ensures the integration of departmental goals in game planning.

Main food and beverage team

Work with your immediate subordinates to review your internal business and potential businesses in the surrounding area and resolve potential issues/conflicts.

Check staff levels to ensure that guest service and operational needs are met.
Set expectations and hold the food and beverage leadership team accountable for demonstrating the desired service behavior.
Provide feedback to employees based on observations of service behavior.
Use employee feedback and an “open door” policy to identify and address employee concerns and concerns in a timely manner.
Communicate important information from pre and post convention meetings to areas of responsibility.
Estimate consumption of food, liquor, wine, and other beverages to predict the amount purchased or required.
Order and purchase equipment and consumables.

Maximize food and beverage income

Review your financial statements and reports to determine how food and beverage works for your budget.
Policies for cash management and liquor management will be enforced in the food and beverage area and will be complied with by all relevant employees.
Encourage calculated risk taking to generate additional revenue and provide intelligent service.

Ensure excellent customer service

Create an atmosphere in all dining areas that meets or exceeds guest expectations.
Review comment cards, guest satisfaction results, and other data to identify areas for improvement.
We will strive to improve service performance.

Management and implementation of human resource activities

We ensure that property policies are managed fairly and consistently, discipline and documentation is completed in accordance with local standards and operating procedures (SOP and LSOP), and support a peer review process.
Annual performance evaluation will be carried out by direct subordinates in accordance with standard operating procedures.
Communicate and carry out emergency procedures for departments and properties.
Hire members of the food and beverage leadership team with strong functional skills, creativity and entrepreneurial leadership to meet the business needs of your business.
Involve new employees in departmental orientation programs and receive appropriate new employee training to ensure their jobs are successful.
Use the performance evaluation process to set goals and expectations for your immediate subordinates and hold staff accountable for successful performance.
Establish guidelines to help employees understand expectations and parameters.
Ensure that employees receive ongoing training to understand the expectations of their guests.


Indonesian nationality with a degree of friendliness
Have a minimum of 2 years experience in the same position in a 5-star international hotel chain
Previous pre-opening or international experience in a luxury hotel is an advantage
Strong in leadership and business sense
Excellent English communication skills, strong guest service thinking, talent management and development skills

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